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About Travis

I started making knives in 2013 after attending the Durban Easter Knife Show, where I was enthused after seeing all the incredible handmade knives. Since then I have made knives part time after school and university, and have slowly been improving with each knife.

I like to experiment with what I do. I do a lot more than just make knives. I’ve made rings, spinning tops, stabilised woods, I fiddle around with CAD and CNC machining and lots of other small insignificant crafts. I have a small attention span when it comes to crafts, and when I see something new I have the urge to try it out.

My knifemaking has improved radically since I have met other knifemakers from overseas and local makers. Joining the North Coast Knife makers club has been a fantastic way to meet up with the local makers and they have assisted greatly in helping me to create better knives.

I have no particular style of knife, as I have made so many different styles. I enjoy constantly changing up the styles of knives that I make.

The price range on my knives is anywhere from R350 upward depending on style, size, materials, finish etc. So it is difficult to give price before the knife is made.

I don’t take orders for knives, but I do have knives available for sale. This is purely because knife making is my hobby and as such I like to make knives for the joy of making them rather than filling orders.

ACK (African custom knives) generally keep stock of my spinning tops, however I am the only person who sells my knives.


Travis is currently studying abroad in the UK.

Contact Travis
Location: Glenashley, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.
Telephone: 072 768 4309