Timothy La Combre Knives and Pens

Knife styles include:

  • Slip Joint Folders
  • Bowies
  • Oblique Pens
  • Nib Holders

About Tim La Combre

I started my knife making as an artist blacksmith 9 years ago and I am a full time knife maker from Richards Bay (South Africa).

My first passion was artistic blacksmithing but living along the coast where everything rusts it wasn't a viable income to support my family. So I started forging custom knives from known carbon steels and forging my own Damascus steel knives. It has taken me almost ten years to make a name for myself amongst the knife addicts out there.

My policy has and always will be to never take on more orders than I can handle, never take money up front, never use any payments until after the client has received his custom piece. Honesty, integrity and a fair price for my best work. A year ago I was introduced into the wonderful world of custom calligraphy pens.

I also cast my own handle materials from high grade casting resins and selected materials.

I very seldom do orders and am very selective when I do. I make knives because I enjoy doing it and I make what I want to make and because of this decided that I am not going to spend my life making what other people want me to make.

I don’t do shows.

Contact Tim
Location: Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal.
Telephone: +27 (0) 84 737 9090