Alex Conchar Brass Knuckles


Brass knuckles (also called knuckle dusters or knucks) are pieces of metal shaped to fit around the knuckles.

The extended and rounded palm grip also spreads across your palm the counter-force that would otherwise be absorbed primarily by your fingers, reducing the likelihood of damage to your fingers.

They have a rich history. Most experts date the use of brass knuckles to Greek and Roman fighters. The Roman handguard or glove, called the caestus, is often considered the first use of brass knuckles.

Material: Brass

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Brass knuckles are illegal in Hong Kong, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Bosnia, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, the Republic of Ireland, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

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