North Coast Knife Makers Club Constitution

1. Name:

The NAME of the Club will be North Coast Knife Makers Club.

2. Objectives:

  1. To watch over and advance the interest of its Members.
  2. To establish closer relations and associations between members.
  3. To set and maintain standards of conduct and workmanship amongst members.
  4. To promote the art of Knifemaking thru sharing of information by having regular workshops.
  5. To associate with other clubs or Constitutions with the same goals or interests.
  6. To have meetings or workshops on a two-monthly basis, to give members practical demonstrations on Knifemaking and its associative areas.
  7. These meetings/workshops will be held at a member’s shop that has agreed to such an Event.

3. Membership:

  • Any person or persons interested in the making or collecting of knives are legible.
  • Also, any person who is interested in any facet of Knifemaking.
  • A new member only has to pay the Club attendance fee of R20 (per meeting) (to be reviewed yearly during the AGM) at a regular club meeting to join.
  • A member can be expelled if his conduct or actions at a meeting are found to be unacceptable, to the members present.
  • A member’s name will be removed from the Member list and mailing list, if no club meeting, including the year-End “Hammer In” are not attended in one year.

4. Management:

  • The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee.
  • The Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer, who shall be elected by majority vote at an annual AGM. (Annual General Meeting)
  • In the event of any vacancy or vacancies occurring on the Committee during the year, the remaining members of the Committee shall have the power to fill any such position by appointing another member.
  • At a Committee meeting, 2 (two) members shall be required to form a quorum.

5. Powers of the Committee:

  • To convene meetings.
  • To hold and have the custody and control of the funds and the property of the Club.
  • To open, should it deem necessary, a banking or savings account.
  • To do all other things that it may consider conducive to the interests of good management or the promotion of the objectives of the Club.
  • To Decide and circulate the yearly workshop dates and program.

6. Meetings:

  • The committee will meet as soon as possible after the AGM to decide and circulate the next year’s program.
  • Any other matters will be discussed at a club workshop.

7. Liability of Members and Vesting of Assets:

  • No member of the Club shall be personally liable for any of the debts or engagements of the Club and no assets of the Club shall at any time vest in any member or former member thereof.
  • On annulment of the Club, all assets will be dispersed as decided on by all members present at the Closure Meeting.

8. Funds:

  • Funds will be obtained by means of Attendance fees for Club Meetings, voluntary contributions, fines, donations, and from any other source the Committee may deem fit.
  • The Committee will determine the Club Attendance Fees at the AGM together with the members present.
  • All funds of the Club shall be applied for the purpose of giving effect to the objectives of the Club in accordance with this Constitution.

9. Voting:

All members present at a meeting or workshop where a vote is necessary, shall have a vote provided the member has paid his attendance fee.

10. Amendments:

  • The Constitution may be amended, altered, or added to, by written request submitted to the committee, Outlining the Amendment, and stating the reason for such an amendment.
  • Such a request will be discussed at the AGM and be voted on by the members present, a majority vote will be needed to accept the amendment request.
  • Such an amendment request must be posted to the members 30 days before the AGM.

11. Notices:

Notices to members shall be deemed to be properly given if addressed to the address supplied to the Committee by such member on the member list.

12. Code of Conduct:

The Committee may draw up a code of conduct to set ethical standards that members must adhere to at all Meetings and workshops.

13. Honorary Membership:

  • Honorary membership may be bestowed on a member who has actively furthered the cause of Knifemaking in the interests of the club.
  • A member who has been bestowed honorary membership may vote at meetings, but will not be required to pay attendance fees at meetings.