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If you create custom knives by hand either as a hobby or professionally, your often wearing many hats and embracing the DIY mentality of managing nearly all, if not all, parts of your business. KZNknifemakers supports you by connecting you with customers all over South Africa and across the world.

Online consumers love small retailers because it feels highly satisfying to buy goods that are a little special or niche from experts, passionate and attentive to the details.

Benefits of being listed on KZNknifemakers?

Whether you're a part-time or full-time knife maker looking to grow your business and customer base, can help you achieve your goals. If your customer is a collector, interested in military knives, avid outdoors man, cook or every day carry type of person, we can get them in touch with you.

Making knives is a time consuming craft and websites take a bit of digital know-how, vision, dedication, time and additional cost that drags you away from your workshop. Let KZNknifemakers connect you with knife buyers, while you do what you're passionate about, crafting  and forging blades.

We help avid knife enthusiasts and collectors find you and your work online and then give them the tools and ability to get in contact with you directly.  Each knife maker who chooses to create a profile on KZNknifemakers, enhances their online presence beyond the likes of facebook and instagram.

Sadly both those platforms are currently clamping down on knife content and making it difficult for custom knife makers to utilise their social media as they once did.

The best part is that we connect you with your customers. That means you can build a personal connection with your buyers and turn them into repeat customers. Potential customers want to know who they're doing business with, and they want to be reassured that they're going to receive excellent service and high-quality products.

Qualifying criteria:

To be listed as a knife maker on the KZNknifemakers website, you need to be living within the boarders of KwaZulu-Natal, be a current member of a local knife making club and / or a current member of the Knife Makers Guild of Southern Africa (KGSA) or the Southern African Bladesmiths Association (SABA).

Getting started on your profile?

Send us an email and we'll reply with all the information we require from you.

Return all the details and images to us and we'll get your listing built for you.

There is a small listing fee of R150 per annum. This includes the initial page setup, one update per month and maintenance of the site. We don't take a percentage of any sales or bookings that are generated from the site.

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