Willie Maritz Knives - Dundee KZNWillie Maritz Mobi Leatherwork

Knife Styles

  • Drop-point hunting knives
  • Kitchen utility knives
  • Kiridashi carving knives

About Willie Maritz

My name is Willie and I reside in Glencoe which is close to Dundee. Started making knives in 2020 after being inspired by “forged in fire” and bought a small gas forge.

Currently I primarily stock removal but I’m working my way up to Damascus slowly and surely.

I do my own leatherwork and enjoy making hand-stitched sheaths.

My logo on the blade is my name with 2 infinity signs and 3 yods (Hebrews), meaning- Infinity, divinity, infinity. The “Mobi” logo is for my leather work and refers back to a nickname I had.

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