Francois Massyn Knives

Francois Massyn logo is an owl with his name above and South Africa below

About Francois Massyn

Francois Massyn full-time knifemaker from Richards Bay, South Africa and a long-standing member of the Knifemakers Guild of Southern Africa (1990).

He moved away from making fixed blades and only make IKBS flippers (liner lock and frame lock) with a lot of thanks to Andre Thorburn for assistance and inspiration

Francois’ IKBS liner lock folding knives are super smooth, have great lines, and are an exceptional value for the quality that you receive.

The IKBS (Ikoma Korth Bearing System) is a pivot bearing system that allows for ultra-smooth deployment of a blade with barely any effort.

One of the most experienced and founding members of the North Coast Knifemakers Club.

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