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Collin Kupczyk

As a trained industrial designer and lifelong maker, I have always strived to create functional art, while taking personal satisfaction from the creative and technical process of making.
I was challenged by a good friend, and knife maker to apply my skill set to knifemaking. I started with my own kitchen knives as many knife makers do. I was instantly amazed at the difference a well-made knife can make to an everyday task and I found myself spending more time in the kitchen, challenging myself with new ingredients and technical knife skills.

Now to be clear, my knife hasn’t necessarily improved my cooking ability but the act is certainly more enjoyable. This experience and my aspiration to share it, lead me to take a deeper focus on kitchen knives because they have a place in every home and are something that every person has had interaction with at some level. This level of interaction is important to me as it provides the opportunity to share my experience and for others to find their own. I don’t want anything I create to be tucked away in a drawer or put on a shelf, I want my customers to use and admire their knives not just because they are beautifully handcrafted but because with every slice they make you feel like a master chef in any kitchen at home or at work.

My Knives

As a knifemaker, my creations have been inspired by traditional Japanese knife aesthetics and a shared belief that every knife has a part of the maker’s soul forged into it. I combine these values with a modern play on materials and experimental grinds to find the cross-section of where form meets function. Most of all I value my customer’s feedback because the best innovations come from those who drive my creations and enable me to move towards making a better knife. If you choose to purchase one of my knives you will receive a true and honest reflection of my utmost ability at the time of its creation.

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