Alexander Conchar hard at work in his workshop

Alexander Conchar Hand Made Knives

About Alex

I’ve always had a love for blades, but two moments in my life cemented that love.

The first was a knife show my parents took me to about 29 years ago. I was fascinated that you could make a knife from just a piece of steel and some elbow grease.

The second was one of the Highlander movies when Conner Mcloud forged his own sword and used it to save the day.

I was hooked. I signed up to do a knife-making course at Heaven Forge with the great ABS Mastersmith Kevin and Heather Harvey and I’ve been fanning the flame ever since some time it burns hotter than other times but it will ALWAYS be there.

Alex is known for his signature file work on all his blades, from bowie knives to large folders.

Guns for show, knives for a pro.

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