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About Wesley Liversage

I’ve always appreciated the craftsmanship of custom-made knives, and have collected a few over the years. After attending the Durban Easter Knife Show (DEKS) shows a couple of years ago, I decided it was something I wanted to pursue and finally got started making knives in 2017.

Initially, I thought it would be something I could just figure out on my own, reading forums or watching youtube videos, but soon realized that to achieve the standard of fit and finish I would be happy with, I would need a bit more help. So I completed a course with an experienced maker with an exceptional eye for detail, Stefan Diedericks. The course was extremely helpful in learning the finer details of knife making and the importance of attention to detail, which I felt was a great foundation.

My favourite maker of all time is Bob Loveless and one of his designs, in particular, the Drop Point Hunter was one of the main reasons I took up Knifemaking. Now, most of the knives I make are Loveless inspired and some of his most popular designs such as the Big Bear, Chute Knife, Mini Wilderness, Dixon Fighter and even the Croc Dundee Knife.

I try to make quality pieces that are beautiful to look at, that are functional and that will hopefully be around for years to come. Although a part-time knifemaker, in June 2023 I was accepted as a member of the Knifemakers Guild of Southern Africa.

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