Knife Making Courses

Knife Making Courses

The popularity of History Channel's "Forged in Fire" has been phenomenal in raising the profile of blade smithing and knifemaking around the world.

History Channel's Forged In Fire
Doug Marcaida, J. Neilson, Wil Willis and David Baker (from left)

For those who haven't yet seen the TV show, in each episode, four bladesmiths compete in a three-round elimination contest to forge bladed weapons, with the overall winner receiving $10,000 and the title of "Forged in Fire Champion".

Fans of the show are naturally interested in making their very own knives, but where to begin? Thinking of getting into knife making as a hobbie, a father & son experience or even booking a class as a present for your son, boyfriend or husband?

The courses below, offers the opportunity not only to learn these skills as a complete novice, but to put them into practice making your very own knife under the guidance of expert craftsmen. They will will guide you through every step from the materials to the basic techniques, tools and hints. to enable you to make the knife of your dreams.

When you have completed the course you will be the proud owner of your very own handmade knife.

2 Day Exclusive 1-2-1 Fixed Blade Knife Making Course by Stefan Diedericks

Stefan's 2 Day knife making course enables students to create a knife from start to finish, that you can call your own and show off to your friends and family to the value of more than R1500.

The course includes:

  • Tuition
  • Use of tools
  • Workshop consumables
  • Safety gear
  • All materials
  • Lunch and refreshments.

Topics covered over the 2 days:

  • Knife Design Layout
  • Heat Treatment of Steel
  • Hollow Grinding
  • Handle Fitment
  • Chemical Logo Etching
  • Leather Sheath Making

Two options available:

  • Drop Point Hunting Knife with a metal bolster : Now R4500
  • Drop Point Hunting Knife without a bolster : Now R4200

Stefan Diedericks
  Mandeni, North Coast, KwaZulu-Natal.
Telephone: 082 578 7440

3 Day Blade Forging Course by De Wet van Zyl

During De Wet's 3 Day forging course you will forge a blade from start to finish.

Example of a students knife after the 3 day forging course

The value of the knife that the student walks away with is R2000.

Topics covered over the 3 days:

  • Forge a blade from start to finish
  • Thermal cycling for normalization, annealing, hardening and tempering of the blade.
  • Profile and edge grinding
  • Polishing the blade
  • Handle Fitment
  • Leather Sheath Making

The cost of the course is R4000.

De Wet van Zyl (Darkwing Blades)
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.
Telephone: 079 640 9867

Fixed Blade Knife Course by Hennie van Brakel

Member of the Knifemakers’ Guild of Southern Africa.

I'm offering fixed blade knife courses. I supply all materials which include steel for one knife, sanding discs, grinding belts and handle material. You finish the course with a good looking (not to be ashamed off) fixed blade utility knife.

I teach you the basics of making a fixed blade knife. This includes, marking out and drilling the blank, hollow grind the blade, prepare the handle area, heat treating, polishing, making and fit bolsters, fit handle and finish off. I also teach you to make a leather sheath and how to etch your name on the blade and finally how to sharpen the knife.

The cost is R3000.00 / person. I can accomodate one person at a time.

Hennie van Brakel
Howick, KwaZulu-Natal.
Telephone: (033) 330 2173