The inaugural KZN Bladesports Cutting Competition

Bladesports was started in the US around 1990 and while it has been growing in popularity in the US and worldwide, it has only recently, come to  South Africa with multiple events having taken place in the Free State and Gauteng (Bladesport South Africa facebook group). The inaugural bladesports event in KwaZulu Natal was organised by the North Coast Knife Makers Club and held on Saturday 28th September 2019 at the Umtunzini Ski Boat club. Conditions were perfect for the event and the venue, a great back drop for the event.


Baldesports South Africa KZN September 2019

All the blades for the event were fabricated from 8mm thick 5160 high carbon steel according to Bladesports International specifications of 15″ overall length ( 10″ blade, 2″ tall blade and 5″ handle). 5160 is a very popular steel for large blades, that require a high degree of impact resistance and which need to be capable of taking and keeping an edge through extended use, which makes it a perfect choice for the competition choppers.

Despite the strict criteria,competitors came up with a wide variety of nuanced approaches ahead of the competition. All competitor blades were measured before the event to ensure compliance.

The course consisted of 14 stations with different items to cut in various way. Points were awarded for each successful cut under timed conditions. Each station aims to provide a test both of the blades performance, the wielders skill and endurance during the run through the course.  For added safety, each blade is required to have a lanyard to secure it in the hand.

  1. 2×4 speed chop
  2. Thick cardboard tube chop
  3. Hose pipe slice
  4. Hanging water bottle cut
  5. Hanging paper slice
  6. Straw cut & Split
  7. Rolling golf ball chop
  8. Rolling tennis ball chop
  9. Playing card cut
  10. Hessian rope slice and chop
  11. Pool noddle slice
  12. Hanging hessian rope cut
  13. Hanging water bottle cut
  14. 2×4 speed chop

Each station has allocated points which when tallied up is subtracted from the competitors course score to give an over all total for placings.

StefanDiedericks_TennisballChop BradPeacock_2x4SpeedChopCharlesKempBottleCut KevinCunningham_BottleCut


Placings for the inaugural event.
  • 1st : Wesley Liversage (5 points, 2min 5 sec)
  • 2nd : Anthony Topham (7 points, 1min 52 sec)
  • 3rd : Adriaan de Villiers (13 points, 1min 43 sec)
Winners: Wesle, Anthony & Adriaan
Anthony (2nd) Wesley (1st) Adriaan (3rd)
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