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About David Hoehler

My love of knives started at a very young age, I got my first swiss army knife in nursery school. My dad collected knives, which is where I picked up my passion for knives. I spent my youth going through old knife books in my dad’s study or in his garage making “knives” from scrap lead he used to cast bullets with or making arrow heads from old nails. I even made a throwing axe from a piece a steel plate I found. There was a winter where I used our anthracite heater as a forge and hammer some mild steel on a piece of old rail road track. I attended a guild show at Gold Reef City when I was about 10 or 11 I’ll never forget seeing my first liner lock and piece of Damascus I was amazed to say the least.

In my adult years, a spent 8 years as a professional chef (mainly because I got to play with knives all day. Mid 2014 I need a local maker by the name of Terry Smith and he really sent me on my journey to become a knife maker. I started off with a small 1x30 grinder which wasn’t easy, I was lucky to find a proper grinder for a bargain price with put in the position to make proper knives. I complied my first knife in December 2014 and joined the North Coast Knifemakers club in the beginning of 2015.

If it wasn’t for the club and its members I would be nowhere as a knifemaker. Especially a big thank you to Stefan Deiderick’s for all if help he has been my mentor and good friend. I did my first show in 2016 at the Durban Easter Knife Show which was a absolute dream come true. I got to meet some legends in SA knifemaking.

Currently I’m trying to specialize in kitchen knives which have been so much fun to make. But I make all types of knives.

I’m hoping to submit for Knife Guild of Southern Africa membership soon.

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Location: Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal.
Telephone: +27 (0) 78 639 8356