What Currencies are supported?

The KZN knife makers website supports South African Rands (ZAR) primarily. However, as our makers enjoy interest from abroad we support USD and GBP on the site for payment via Paypal.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. The knife makers do regularly ship their knives all over the world. Please note that you as the purchaser are responsible for adherance to local laws and payment of any local taxes and duties.

Tracking is provided.

What is the minimum age for knife making courses?

The minimum age for children attending one of the knife making courses is fourteen (14) years old. There is a lot of course material to cover and the machinery can be dangerous if your attention wanders. It is for the safety of all that the age limit has been set.

What does back order mean?

A particular knife may be out of stock at the moment, however that knife maker as elected to accept orders for that exact model. They can theirfore make the same knife for you in a week or two (time frames are maker dependant).

Please note that changes or customisations to the listed knife are not permitted.

Can I pay via PayPal?

Yes, you can. Paypal is available on the website as a checkout option.

If I design a knife can you make it?

Generally each knife maker will have their style and speciality when in comes to the knives they make. That’s not to say that your design can not be made by them. It’s recommended that you reach out to the knifemakers and ask them directly.

Can you reproduce a knife I’ve seen online?

Asking one knife maker to reproduce another makers work is a no, no. If you like their work, purchase the knife directly from them. Afterall, no one else can make it better than they can.

Can I visit the store and view the knives?

Ideally we would like to offer this to customers. However KZN Knifemakers does not keep the stock as each knife is in the posession the individual knife maker.

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