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About Clyde Challenor

I’ve always been fascinated by knives, I remember my gran gave me a Swiss army knife and I just admired the craftsmanship. I love how things work, and I was fascinated with the mechanics of it. I would read books about knife production and for many years I was somewhat of a custom knife collector.

The CCCK brand was officially created in October 2014 when Clyde joined forces with Francois Nell, a fellow knife enthusiast and "artgineer" based in Cape Town. Francois is responsible for design work, social media, and marketing.

With a rise in manufacturing complexity and need for exact tolerances Luc Princen joined the CCCK team. Luc is an award winning tool-and-die maker and CNC guru based in Durban.

CCCK today offers two lines of knives: (1) Custom-Tech knives machined by Clyde and Luc and hand ground, assembled and finished by Clyde, and (2) a selection of handmade knives by Clyde. Francois is responsible for designs in both lines.

Clyde Challenor Customs offer the sophisticated design and attention to detail that collectors are looking for. The first priority for CCCK is excellence in engineering. Every knife must be functionally perfect. Everything CCCK makes must work well for its intended purpose and not be items of adoration not able to handle proper use.

Contact Clyde
Location: Redhill, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.
Telephone: 082 493 4191