Knife knowledge

Not only will it help you make more informed decisions when buying a knife but it will also give you the knowledge needed to interact with your fellow knife enthusiast.

Ribbon Wrapped Santoku Knife Gift with Coins

Giving knives as a gift, should you or shouldn’t you?

A knife is a timeless and useful gift. They can be engraved, intricately tooled and selected to fit the receiver exact tastes and needs. There are knives for outdoor enthusiasts, culinary aficionados and survivalists for any number of occasions, ranging from birthdays to weddings and anniversaries. But there are some people who would object to …

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How to care for your knives

Every responsible and caring knife owner needs to know the basics regarding the proper care of their edged tools. A well-maintained knife will serve as one’s companion indefinitely. The term “knife care” encompasses more than just knowing how to put a razor sharp edge on your blades. You do however need to give them just …

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Visitors to the Brooklyn knife show in Pretoria 2017 : Photo by Dirk Lootz

Knife Show Etiquette

Attending a knife show such as the Durban Easter Knife Show, is educational and fun. You can enhance the experience by knowing how to properly interact with dealers and other collectors in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. If you are attending with younger members of family, please keep be mindful of the nature of the …

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What is the best steel for knives

Hardened steel is the heart of any blade. The search for higher-performance steels has led to a number of metallurgical advancements but what is the best steel for knives? For a knife lover, it’s worth spending a little time understanding steel to appreciate what the “best steel” might be for your application.