Anthony Topham

Anthony Topham Custom Chef Knives
Anthony's logo is his initials (AT) within a circle stylised in a Japanses kanji fashion symbolising the fusion between western and eastern cutlery styles.

Knife styles include:

  • Japanese Gyuto (Chef Knife)
  • Chef Knives
  • Santoku (Asian Chef Knife)
  • Nakiri (Vegetable Knife)
  • Petty (Utility Knife)
  • Paring
  • Carving Sets

Prices start from R1800.00

About Anthony Topham

I love making Chef knives because they are in use every day to prepare food for either yourself or your family. A sharp knife can make a noticeable difference in changing a daily chore, into an enjoyable activity. If you have felt frustration with your current kitchen knives when cooking, a quality knife will make a world of difference.


I started making knives in 2015 after a friend and fellow knife-maker Andrew Bell, convinced me that I could make a knife for my myself. You see, my sister had recently graduated from the Capsicum Culinary Studio in Cape Town and I wanted to give her a special gift to commemorate her achievement.

She had mentioned to me that most off the shelf / store bought knives dug into her wrist due to their long handles, so I immediately shortened the handle for her. She liked quite a curved blade geometry synonymous with German chef knives. This blade shape really lends itself to roll cuts. She wasn't quite into the flatter edges of Japanese knives as I am, so chose a more western style handle shape.

That was the start of a really interesting journey for me as a part-time knifemaker specialsing almost exclusively in culinary knives.

Today my style is a blend of traditional Japanese and Western chef knives that result in light, nimble and extremely sharp blades that retain enough backbone to stand up to the regular kitchen chores. I'll use either stainless or high-carbon steels for my blades to ensure high hardness and edge retention. For the handle material, I'll use synthetic materials for professional kitchen knives or various naturally abundant African hardwoods and stabilised burls are sourced for their beauty, feel and durability.


I was very fortunate to have joined the North Coast Knife Makers Club when I first started out as a knifemaker. The members haveĀ  been a great resource and inspiration to draw upon from the very beginning and continuing through to today.

I currently live in Hillcrest, where I spend my free time making and refining my knife designs.


You can commonly purchase my work at the annual Durban Easter Knife Show and if you're in the USA, via AfricanCustomKnives.

Do reach out to me as I may have blanks on the work bench ready to be customised to your specifications. Or sign up to my newsletter list for first option on finished knives that become available.

Wa Santoku Knife Aeb-l Leadwood brass ebony
Wa chef knife aeb-l spalted stinkwood african blackwood
Santoku knife AEB-L African blackwood Brass
Chef Knife D2 K110 Purple Flat Bean
Chef knife D2 K110 Brass Leadwood

Contact Anthony
Location: Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal.
Telephone: +27 (0) 82 652 0507