KZNKnifeMakers.co.za was created by the members of the North Coast Knife Makers Club as a way to promote the very best knife-making talent across our province of KwaZulu-Natal and to raise the profile of handmade custom knives to the hobbyist, collector, enthusiast or member of the public.

The website was created in 2017 and serves as the epicentre for knife enthusiasts, knife collectors in KZN, South Africa and worldwide.



At KZN Knife Makers our mission is not only promote the knife makers in our province but also to foster collaboration and learning amongst makers both new to the craft and experienced makers respectfully. All of the knife makers are based in KwaZulu-Natal and are based in Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Richards Bay, Hillcrest, Ballito, Mtunzini, Mandini, Port Shepstone, to name but a few locations.

KZNKnifeMakers has long embraced the goal of breaking down barriers between custom knife enthusiasts, knife collectors and the creators who hand make these beautiful and functional pieces of craftsmanship.

By providing the knife makers the opportunity to list themselves on the KZNKnifeMakers website, they can raise their online profile to new audiences, interact with local and foreign based collectors and enthusiasts at all stages of their knife making careers.


This website lists a number of knife maker’s profiles who are based in KZN, that gives the reader a comprehensive snap shot of who the makers is, what knives they specialise in making, a indication of the quality of their work through their affiliation with various clubs or knife-making guilds and finally, a means to contact them.

  • This allows the public to identify and engage with their favourite knife makers without having to wait for periodic events such as knife shows.
  • Please do make use of the individual makers contact details and forms at the bottom of each makers page.
  • Thank you for your support and patronage.
There are few things as beautiful as a custom handmade knife and our artists create knives that are as unique as themselves to suit every budget and need, covering a wide range of different categories including, culinary, hunting, bushcraft, folders, tactical, utility etc. All pieces are individually handcrafted by the members using the best knife steels, specially selected indigenous hard woods and a range of exotic materials.