Discover the best knife makers and handmade knives in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Many are internationally acclaimed and recognised who have proven themselves in terms of quality, craftsmanship and creativity all over the world.

KZNKnifemakers passionately highlights the very best custom knife making talents from across the province of KZN.

Andrew Bell

Stefan Diedericks

Brad Peacock

Brad Peacock

Clyde Challenor

David Hoehler

Kennedy Pearson

Kennedy Pearson

Hennie van Brakel

Alex Conchar

Wesley Liversage

Lourens Prinsloo

De Wet van Zyl

Adriaan De Villiers

Francois Massyn

Anthony Topham

At KZN Knife Makers our mission is not only promote the knife makers in our province but also to foster collaboration and learning amongst makers both new to the craft and experienced makers respectfully. All of the knife makers are based in KwaZulu-Natal and are based in Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Richards Bay, Hillcrest, Ballito, Mtunzini, Mandini, Port Shepstone, to name but a locations.

Getting started as a knifemaker:

For new knife makers just starting out, the knife making clubs (North Coast Knife Makers) offer you the chance to forge strong friendships, attend other member’s workshops, benefit from the guidance and knowledge of their peers that truly can accelerate your progress and the quality of your knives in a very short space of time. We would recommend joining one of the clubs nearest to you.

Knife Makers Guild:

While there is no KZN Knifemakers Guild at present, many of the knife making clubs do have members who are registered members of the Knife Makers Guild of Southern Africa and can act as a great sounding board to help you fulfil your dreams of creating knives of the highest quality. Becoming a member of the Guild is an important step in any knife-makers career and servers as a guarantee of quality to buyers worldwide. Any application to the guild needs two letters of certification from existing guild members along with five completed knives for judging.

Custom Knives:

There are few things as beautiful as a custom handmade knife and our artists create knives that are as unique as themselves to suit every budget and need, covering a wide range of different categories including, culinary, hunting, bushcraft, folders, tactical, utility etc. All pieces are individually handcrafted by the members using the best knife steels, specially selected indigenous hard woods and a range of exotic materials.