Andrew Bell Knives
Andrews logo is the silhouette of a bell with a lower case letter A as the rope loop at the top

Knife styles include:

  • Boot/Daggers
  • Utility/Hunters

About Andrew

From a young age, I was obsessed with knives and sharp tools. For my 18th birthday present my parents sent me on a knife making course with Andrè Thorburn, and later we were able to acquire a variety of knife making machinery.

Due to circumstance, I did not really use these machines until 2015. Since then I have managed to make a few knives hand have had the opportunity to sell some of these after having displayed them at the Durban Easter Knife Show of 2016.

I currently live in Durban, where I spend some of my free time making my knives. I am currently an active member of the North Coast Knife Makers Club.

I am currently working on a design of and Every Day Carry(EDC) with a member of a Kaga Magra marital arts studio.

I do not generally take orders, but sell what I have currently made or have left in my stock draw.

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Contact Andrew
Location: Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal.
Telephone: +27 (0) 83 447 9607